Should Project Accounting Software Treat Tendering Cost As Project Expense Or Company Overhead?

As construction companies grow, the issue of bidding for new jobs becomes more important. For instance once they employ dedicated estimators they need to determine how do they account for the estimators salary in their Project Accounting Software.Tendering as a Project ExpenseSome companies prefer to have their estimators allocate their hours on their time-sheets to the individual (potential) projects they are working on. If the company is not the successful tenderer then these would become loss projects and the costs written off.Tendering as an OverheadOther companies will argue that the cost of estimating for a prospective new client is an overhead because the company needs to retain the estimating staff even if you have no projects currently underway. If the Project Accounting Software in use does not have an integrated payroll which facilitates posting hours across multiple projects then often companies will go for the overhead option just because it simplifies the process of data entry.Other Views on the Cost of Tendering?Some companies adopt an approach based on the amount involved. So they may say that is the cost is less than a defined figure, say $5,000 then it should be treated as overhead. But as soon as an estimate costs more than this threshold amount then it should be treated as a specific project expense.This makes it easier for management to assess the worth of continuing with certain bids as they can set a budget limit of say $10,000 or $20,000 on going for a job. The budget may need to be set higher, for example in the Club and Retirement Village construction market a submission end up costing over $50,000 when you take account of draftsmen’s time and consultant to validate the proposal. With this sort of money involved there needs to be a review policy in place.Review or PerishSuccessful contractors with a growing business are well advised to instigate formal reviews of the jobs they are tendering on. Otherwise they could come to the end of the year only to discover that they have spent more than $100,000 chasing potential business that may not have come to fruition.Having a review policy may well save the business when construction activity passes its peak. Quite often you can find managers who have only known the good times and the company may not adjust quickly enough to tighten expenditure when the lean times commence.The Role of Project Accounting Software in TenderingWhen you are treating tendering as a project expense you need to extend the use of your Project Accounting Software into the bidding stage. And the use should not be restricted to the use of any integrated Estimating module but rather the establishment of tendered projects, budgets for tendering and time-sheet entry of hours against these same projects.Of course the details of earlier unsuccessful tenders are then readily available to management so the history can be accessed before even committing resources to tendering for similar work in future.

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Business For Sale

Working 9-5 getting in your nerves? Getting too stressed out with your boss? What about having your own business and being your own boss? In those instances that you realize that you’d rather engage in a venture than be forever miserable in your current job, comes the question of what kind of trade would you like to have?Considering the numerous ventures that you can pursue, it might be a lot easier if you buy an already established one rather than having to start from scratch. Having a an income by venturing is one major decision, but buying a business for sale is another one so you really must spend time and effort in choosing the right one that you wish to venture in. It may also be confusing choosing from the wide choices – franchises, home based businesses, manufacturing, start ups and so much more.From the endless choices that is for sale, the most promising would probably be the manufacturing. An established trade, like any other has its upsides and downsides. One major advantage of this is that most of the work had already been in laid out and you also get a plan as well as a target market. But unless you have huge amounts of money, you cannot try to invest in a venture as it needs buyers to invest even more if the business is going through difficult times.Whatever you decide upon, start looking for the one you wish to buy. Check out information providing a list of businesses you want. You may check out your local paper for advertisements on businesses for sale. Try looking at trade associations as well. And with the internet, you can easily and conveniently search for trade that is sale online.

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Die Stamping Our Way to Remarkably Better Automotive Parts

Two qualities of automotive parts have stood the test of time. The lighter and stronger the materials used for making a part, the better. Considering the integrity of the automobile as a whole, the quest for the right mix of metals for each particular component is ongoing. The process most relied upon for the manufacture of parts nowadays is die stamping because of its mass production advantage. Also known as pressing, this is the process of stamping shapes from sheets of metal.High Strength SteelsTowards the end of the 1900s, increasing awareness of the human impact on our planet sped up the search for ways to reduce our energy use. This was most apparent in the automotive parts industry. Safety regulations became stricter. People increasingly want cars that are more environmentally friendly and that operate more cost effectively. Advanced high strength steels developed for the automotive industry are changing the way cars are made.Steel versus Aluminium There is constant debate in the automotive industry about whether to use aluminium or steel in the production of automotive parts. Essentially this is a quest for finding material strong enough to be safe for use in automobiles that is formable and cost effective. Most of the top car manufacturers are opting for decisions of which material to be used being made on a part by part basis.History of Die StampingDating back to 2000BC, with stone-age man beating iron with a hammer to make tools with heated metal resting on a bed or bolster, the idea of stamping metals is not new. Die stamping was first used to produce bicycle parts in the 1890s. Although die stamping produced parts with less durability than traditional forging, there was advantage in using machines to manufacture automotive parts more quickly. As demand for motor vehicles grew, faster production methods were welcomed.Progressive StampingA variety of metalworking methods are incorporated into the die stamping manufacture of automotive parts. Beginning with simple methods like bending the metal along straight lines, there are nine other ways machines are working with metal during the stamping process. Flanging, embossing, blanking, coining, deep drawing, stretching, ironing, curling and hemming each allow progressively more detailed parts to be made.Improving Automotive Parts ManufacturingAlong with developing steel sheets for die stamping that are thinner and more lightweight than ever while having increased strength, machining is becoming more technologically advanced. Modern control systems and computer aided design and machining along with improved mechanisms for spot-welding, riveting and door-latch making are transforming the automotive parts manufacturing process.Overall ProductivityComputers are an integral part of numerical control at play in today’s component design and machining systems. Along with advances in automation using computer aided manufacturing, automotive parts can be more productively and cost-effectively produced than ever before. The precision possible through die stamping methods used in automotive part manufacturing going into this millennium is improving productivity and lowering environmental impact.

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